• “I have been printing at home for about two years with good results with a Canon Pro-10 printer.  I love printing the photos I take, they require a lot of time to capture and edit so printing completes the process.  But after meeting and using Garrett with Vegas Photo Printing I realize there is a lot more to be pulled from my images. Garrett explained some of the areas that could be tweaked to add subtle but big improvements to the final print.  He gave an example of his edits, the cost, how it would enhance the print and proceeded once we both agreed.  He takes great passion in bringing the most out of the vision I have for the image, what edits and papers might best fit for the look I am trying to achieve.  In the end, he is a great resource to better my print prep and helping bring my images to life.  Thank you Garrett for the quality work and know we will have many projects in the future.”
    Marshall Evans
  • I have several images, in various formats and sizes, that were printed by Garrett on display in my home. The painstaking work he put into all of them is readily apparent. He is personally invested in every print, and he treats his clients' images as if they were his own. The quality of materials in his operation is unsurpassed. Simply put, Garrett is the only printer I entrust with my most cherished images.
    David Edwards
  • I keep giving Garrett more of my hanging photos to reprint because the results are amazing when you can see the before and after! I also have him apply his skill in post processing to the photos before printing.  He brings out the best of the dynamic range and color captured with the camera! The canvas he prints on is a very fine weave so the detail is amazing. He has a wide range of papers for prints as well. His use of pigments to lay down the color really makes it pop. Leslie Gertie
    Leslie Gertie